Doma is a housing platform that turns its users into home owners

Owning a home has become a luxury that fewer and fewer people can afford. All around the world, an increasing number urban dwellers are resigning themselves to a lifetime of rent. It is time to change this unsustainable mode of urban living.

DOMA brings better, smarter housing for all. As a platform, Doma offers affordable housing units to its users for a monthly price that decreases over time. What is more, DOMA provides equity shares in return for those monthly payments. Powered by blockchain technology and secured by smart contracts, DOMA progressively turns its users into homeowners.

DOMA is designed to carefully respond to the needs of contemporary urban dwellers. Operating as a non-profit housing cooperative, DOMA continuously purchases housing stock in the most dynamic urban areas and makes it available to the platform’s new and existing users. This allows for movement between network-owned units, providing DOMA users with the right balance of mobility, flexibility, and stability.

Doma comes in as an alternative to the old and broken binary of renting or buying a home. It’s a third way, which doesn’t rely on banks and mortgages, but on a network of people and places. A simple but groundbreaking idea, which can make our cities more affordable, inclusive, and sustainable.

Doma is on its way to your city. Help us get there faster.


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We are working hard to make Doma available to more people. Join our community today, and be part of the transition to equitable, transparent and smart cities. You can help us shape the next steps of the project by contacting us via Email and you can find us on Twitter and Facebook, where we occasionally post some updates. Doma V 0.1 was developed during The New Normal Programme at Strelka Institute. Team: Maksym Rokmaniko, Melissa Frost, Enrico Zago, Pekka Airaxin, Olesia Kovalenko and Francesco Sebregondi